About Us

Based in the New York, Luxor Global is a company that specializes in the trading of luxury goods worldwide.

Primarily focused on luxury watches, bags and high grade gems & jewelry, Luxor Global works with auction houses, private collectors, connoisseurs & dealers worldwide to bring to our clients the objects of their desire.

We have teams of specialists whose passion in their field is matched only by their unparalleled knowledge, expertise and experience, to curate and authenticate the items which we acquire and bring to the market.

We are dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest trends and developments within a constantly changing industry and we take pride in the fact that we engage in constant learning and the sharing of knowledge both within and outside our industry.

The Group’s Corporate Structure is made up of 3 entities where Luxor Global is the parent company.

Luxory World focuses on the Asian Market and the Group’s operations in Asia.

Luxazaar will manage our online trading platform that facilitates trade of luxury goods worldwide.